1. Introduction

    1. Various strings

    2. Equivalence Principle and cosmic strings

    3. TGD based quantum model for astrophysical systems

    4. Correlation between super-novae and cosmic strings

  2. General vision about topological condensation of cosmic strings

    1. Free cosmic strings

    2. TGD based model for topologically condensed cosmic strings

  3. More detailed view about topological condensation of cosmic strings

    1. Topological condensation of a positive energy cosmic string

    2. Exterior metrics of cosmic string as extremal of curvature scalar

    3. Exterior metric of negative energy cosmic string with large angle excess

    4. Geodesic motion in the exterior metric of the negative energy cosmic string

    5. Matter distribution around cosmic string

    6. Quantization of the cosmic recession velocity

  4. Cosmic evolution and cosmic strings

    1. Cosmic strings and generation of structures

    2. Generation of ordinary matter via TGD counterpart of Hawking radiation?

    3. How single cosmic string could reduce its Kähler string tension?

    4. Zero energy ontology, cosmic strings, and consciousness

    5. A new cosmological finding challenging General Relativity

  5. Cosmic string model for galaxies and other astrophysical objects

    1. Cosmic strings and the organization of galaxies into linear structures

    2. Cosmic strings and dark matter problem

    3. Estimate for the velocity parameters

    4. Galaxies as split cosmic strings?

    5. Cylindrically symmetric model for the galactic dark matter

    6. New information about the distribution of galactic dark matter

    7. Cold dark matter in difficulties

    8. Three blows against standard view about dark matter

    9. Do galaxies have preferred handedness?

  6. Cosmic strings and energy production in quasars

    1. Basic properties of the decaying cosmic strings

    2. Decaying cosmic string ends as a central engine

    3. How to understand the micro-jet structure?

    4. Gamma-ray bursts and cosmic strings

  7. The light particles associated with dark matter and the correlation between gamma ray bursts and supernovae

    1. Correlations between gamma ray bursts and supernovae

    2. Lepto-pions as a signature dark matter?