1. Introduction

    1. Basic principles

    2. Kähler-Dirac action

  2. WCW spinor structure: general definition

    1. Defining relations for gamma matrices

    2. General vielbein representations

    3. Inner product for WCW spinor fields

    4. Holonomy group of the vielbein connection

    5. Realization of WCW gamma matrices in terms of super symmetry generators

    6. Central extension as symplectic extension at configuration space level

    7. WCW Clifford algebra as a hyper-finite factor of type $II_1$

  3. Under what conditions electric charge is conserved for the modified Dirac equation?

    1. Conservation of em charge for Kähler Dirac equation

    2. About the solutions of Kähler Dirac equation for known extremals

    3. Concrete realization of the conditions guaranteeing well-defined em charge

    4. Connection with number theoretic vision?

  4. Representation of WCW metric as anti-commutators of gamma matrices identified as symplectic super-charges

    1. Expression for WCW Kähler metric as anticommutators as symplectic super charges

    2. Handful of problems with a common resolution

    3. Overall view about Kähler action and Kähler Dirac action

    4. Radon, Penrose ja TGD

  5. Quantum criticality and Kähler-Dirac action

    1. What quantum criticality could mean?

    2. Quantum criticality and fermionic representation of conserved charges associated with second variations of Kähler action

    3. Preferred extremal property as classical correlate for quantum criticality, holography, and quantum classical correspondence

    4. Quantum criticality and electroweak symmetries

    5. The emergence of Yangian symmetry and gauge potentials as duals of Kac-Moody currents

  6. Kähler-Dirac equation and super-symmetries

    1. Super-conformal symmetries

    2. WCW geometry and super-conformal symmetries

    3. The relationship between inertial gravitational masses

    4. Realization of space-time SUSY in TGD

    5. Comparison of TGD and stringy views about super-conformal symmetries