1. Introduction

    1. Zero energy cosmology

    2. Dark matter hierarchy and hierarchy of Planck constants

    3. Quantum criticality and quantum phase transitions

    4. Critical and over-critical cosmologies are highly unique

    5. Equivalence Principle in TGD framework

    6. Cosmic strings as basic building blocks of TGD inspired cosmology

    7. Topics of the chapter

  2. Basic ingredients of TGD inspired cosmology

    1. Many-sheeted space-time defines a hierarchy of smoothed out space-times

    2. Robertson-Walker cosmologies

    3. Cosmic strings and cosmology

    4. Thermodynamical considerations

    5. Structure of WCW in zero energy ontology and Robertson-Walker cosmology

  3. TGD inspired cosmology

    1. Primordial cosmology

    2. Critical phases

    3. Radiation dominated phases

    4. Matter dominated phases

    5. Stationary cosmology

  4. Inflationary cosmology or quantum critical cosmology?

    1. Comparison with inflationary cosmology

    2. Balloon measurements of the cosmic microwave background favor flat cosmos

    3. Quantum critical fractal cosmology as TGD counterpart of the inflationary cosmology

    4. The problem of cosmological missing mass

    5. TGD based explanation of the results of the balloon experiments

  5. Inflation and TGD

    1. Brief summary of the inflationary scenario

    2. The problems that inflation was proposed to solve

    3. Comparison with TGD inspired cosmology

    4. CBM cold spot as problem of the inflationary cosmology

  6. BICEP2 might have detected gravitational radiation

    1. Comparison of inflationary model and TGD

    2. Inflation should beging at GUT mass scale

    3. Fluctuations of gravitational field

    4. Inflation should begin at GUT scale

    5. Difficulties of the inflationary approach

    6. Could TGD allow inflationary cosmology

    7. Quantum critical cosmology of TGD predicts also very fast expansion

    8. Still comments abount inflation in TGD

    9. Could the polarization be due to synchrotron radiation?

  7. Cyclic cosmology from TGD perspective

    1. Extreme complexity of theories viz. extreme simplicity of physics

    2. Why the cosmology is so homogenous and isotropic?

    3. The TGD analog of cyclic cosmology

  8. Conformal cyclic cosmology of Penrose and zero energy ontology based cosmology

    1. ZEO based cosmology as sequence of deaths and reincarnations of cosmology as a conscious entity

    2. More precise view about ZEO based cosmology

    3. How the TGD description differs from GRT description near the boundaries of CD

    4. Does ZEO based cosmology predict the concentric circles?

  9. Is inflation theory simply wrong?

    1. The counterpart of inflation in TGD Universe and twistor lift of Kähler action

    2. Is inflation theory indeed wrong?

    3. The problems leading to inflation and those created by inflation and TGD solution to them