1. Introduction

    1. Basic ideas of TGD inspired theory of consciousness

    2. TGD inspired new physics and consciousness

  2. What are the problems of quantum mind theories?

    1. Some philosophical problems of quantum physics

    2. Basic philosophical problems of quantum mind theories

    3. Basic problems of quantum biology and quantum neuroscience

    4. Could anomalies help?

  3. Some aspects of quantum TGD

    1. New space-time concept

    2. Zero energy ontology

    3. The hierarchy of Planck constants

    4. p-Adic physics and number theoretic universality

  4. Consciousness theory as extension of quantum measurement theory

    1. Quantum jumps as moment of consciousness

    2. The notion of self

    3. How experienced time and the geometric time of physicist relate to each other?

    4. Quantum correlates of for various aspects of conscious experience

    5. Self referentiality of conscious experience

  5. Various types of conscious experiences

    1. Basic structure of conscious experience

    2. Cognition and p-adic physics

    3. Reflective- and proto-levels of consciousness

    4. General model for sensory experiences

    5. Emotions

    6. Directed attention

    7. Altered states of consciousness

  6. Boolean mind, cognition and intentionality

    1. Fermions and Boolean cognition

    2. Fuzzy logic, quantum groups, and Jones inclusions

    3. p-Adic physics as physics of cognition and intentionality

    4. Infinite primes, cognition and intentionality

  7. Quantum correlates of qualia

    1. Development of ideas

    2. Qualia and thermodynamics

    3. Geometric qualia and zero modes

  8. Solutions to some paradoxes

    1. Paradoxes related to quantum physics

    2. Paradoxes related to the theories of consciousness

    3. Logical paradoxes and concept of time