1. Introduction

    1. In what sense field equations could mimic dissipative dynamics?

    2. The dimension of CP2 projection as a classified for the fundamental phases of matter

    3. Basic extremals of Kähler action

    4. Weak form of electric magnetic duality and modification of Kähler action

  2. General considerations

    1. Number theoretical compactification and M8-H duality

    2. Preferred extremal property as classical correlate for quantum criticality, holography, and quantum classical correspondence

    3. Can one determine experimentally the shape of the space-time surface?

  3. The vanishing of super-conformal charges as a gauge conditions selecting preferred extremals of Kähler action

    1. Field equations for Kähler action

    2. Boundary conditions at boundaries of CD

    3. Boundary conditions at parton orbits

  4. General view about field equations

    1. Field equations

    2. Could Lorentz force vanish identically for all extremals/absolute minima of Kähler action?

    3. Topologization of the Kähler current as a solution to the generalized Beltrami condition

    4. How to satisfy field equations?

    5. D=3 phase allows infinite number of topological charges characterizing the linking of magnetic field lines

    6. Preferred extremal property and the topologization/light-likeness of Kähler current?

    7. Generalized Beltrami fields and biological systems

    8. About small perturbations of field equations

  5. Vacuum extremals

    1. CP2 type extremals

    2. Vacuum extremals with vanishing induced Kähler field

  6. Non-vacuum extremals

    1. Cosmic strings

    2. Massless extremals

    3. Does GRT really allow gravitons

    4. Generalization of the solution ansatz defining massless extremals

    5. Maxwell phase

    6. Stationary, spherically symmetric extremals

    7. Maxwell hydrodynamics as a toy model for TGD