1. Introduction

    1. Basic facts about biophotons

    2. Basic ideas of TGD based model of biophotons

    3. Are also biophonons predicted?

  2. Bio-photons in TGD Universe

    1. The origin of biophotons in standard physics framework

    2. The origin of biophotons in TGD Universe

    3. Biophotons, dissipation, and decoherence

    4. What is the origin of the hyperbolic decay law?

  3. How dark photons and phonons could relate to consciousness

    1. What bomb testing has to do with cognition and consciousness?

    2. Memory recall as an interaction free measurement?

    3. Why vision and hearing are so fundamental for cognition?

    4. Dark photons, after images, and mechanism of learning

    5. Realization of memory representations in terms of braided flux tubes

    6. How to construct and read conscious hologram?

    7. Critical questions

  4. Taos hum as evidence for biophonons?

    1. Basic facts

    2. Phenomena possibly related to taos hum

    3. Possible ingredients for the model for taos hum

    4. How TGD approach could explain taos hum?

  5. Dark photons in biology and neuroscience

    1. General vision

    2. Dark photons and biology

    3. Dark photons and brain

    4. Dark photons, meditative states, and Qigong practices

  6. Dark photons and remote mental interactions