1. Introduction

  2. OBEs, autoscopy, heautoscopy, and other strange experiences

    1. Phenomenological characterization

    2. OBEs induced by electric stimulation

    3. Explanations of OBEs and related experiences

  3. TGD inspired model for OBEs and related experiences

    1. Basic ingredients of the TGD inspired model

    2. Questions

    3. A more detail model for OBEs

    4. The relationship of EMDR experiences to OBEs

    5. Dark matter hierarchy, zero energy ontology, negentropic entanglement, OBEs

    6. The role of the magnetic body in the case of other brain functions

  4. The interpretation of my own OBE type experiences in terms of the proposed model

    1. Visual experiences and kinesthetic sensations

    2. OBE type auditory sensations

    3. OBEs associated with "Great Experiences"